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William Collier meeting with Tzipi Hotovely, Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel.

RAWE NEWS Executive Service

News comes at the speed of light, and it is overwhelming. First, there is a lot of it. Second, you have to worry about it being spun away from reality to suit an agenda. If you need to stay abreast of the week’s events, if you want to know what it important, and if you want a fair and objective reading of the news with intelligence, than this weekly service if for you.

As a RAWE New subscriber you receive a weekly email with your news headline that mater, in a PDF format. The style is simple and not designed to overwhelm you, The PDF contains a summary of events with individual articles you can drill down to. It’s simple, you can read it on your phone or computer, easily. With this update every week you will know what headlines people were talking about, what news was actually missed, and what perspectives were missing from the news.

This special RAWE News Executive Service will save your many hours every week pouring through useless content that is half baked and badly spun, and it will speak to you in an intelligent manner, something you won’t find in the fluffy, partisan news media that dominate our culture today.

The cost for this service is only $45/quarter. And, as a subscriber, you’ll also receive news alerts as they are necessary, so you won;t have to wait for urgent news. We monitor dozens of news sources and services, and we have our own sources, to stay abreast of national and global news intelligence.

To sign up for the service, use the form below and you will receive an email invoice from Regal Blue Media, which you can pay via credit card or electronic check. We use PayPal for its security and simplicity. Each quarter, we will invoice you to renew the service, we do not do automatic payments, although if you prefer that we can set it up for you. Alternatively you can mail a check or money order to:

Regal Blue Media
4515 N Progress Ave
Harrisburg PA 17110


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