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  • Delaware citizens aren’t paying the full tax bill
  • Almost 50% of all the state and local tax burden is exported (Tax Foundation)
  • The state has run up huge debt rather than raising taxes…now approaching a bond rating ceiling (Tax Foundation)
  • School property taxes are low as public education is primarily financed at the state level
  • The people who vote in Delaware are not the people most impacted by this recession
  • This is a blue collar recession that has clobbered folks with less education
  • The unions, especially AFSCME and NEA, are the major funder of elections in Delaware
  • The only remaining statewide media outlet, the News Journal, is unabashedly liberal
  • The chambers of commerce are co-opted



  • The state and local tax burden on Delaware citizens is going to soar.Government can’t shift operating expenses into debt very much more. The Federal stimulus money is disappearing. The Democrats in control of the legislature will not cut spending and the unions will make sure that the legislature does not modify pension benefits nor address the unfunded healthcare liability. And, God forbid, Biden may not be able to stop the Republicans in Congress from shifting the center for corporate law to the national level.
  • The over 65 resident population is going to soar. These folks are on fixed incomes and perceive themselves to be hard pressed (they ignore wealth). They will be very upset with any state and local tax increases.