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rawenewssimpleRAWE News is a premiere news analysis resource which will strip the news of the corporate welfare state spin that passes for so-called “news” today. RAWE stands for Resource, Advocate, Watchdog, and Educator, the proper role for a truly people-centered free-press not bought and paid for by the elites.

Our aim is quality, breadth, depth. By quality we mean having a high standard for presentation, timeliness, and accuracy. By breadth we mean giving you a bird’s eye view of the whole world at a glance. By depth we mean digging deeply into the roots, sources, and potential outcomes of today’s news headlines.

Think of RAWE News is the next evolution beyond Drudge, which simply contains links to other media, and often fails to undo the spin which is too often prevalent in today’s news media, including so-called conservative news media. Our approach, and tone, will be a global daily community newspaper covering the world’s headlines with fairness, truth, and with the best interests of our readers at heart.