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Integrated Web Market Analysis

Economic Analysis – SEO Analysis – Web Presence Analysis – Website Analysis

Your current and prospective customers are on the web, they are using the web to make buying decision and to judge you, and they are looking for providers who can meet their needs through a web interface of some kind: the web market has already become the real growth opportunity for most industries and your understanding of that market, and your place in it, could be vital to your long-term survival. This must necessarily involve economic analysis, SEO analysis, web presence analysis, and website analysis in an integrated approach that produces actionable findings. This is what our integrated web market analysis is meant to provide.

Our Integrated Web Market Analysis is a one-of-kind service that gives you a complete analysis of your total market situation, equipping you with the information you must have in order to know how, where, when, and what to communicate in order to use the web to attract new business.

Our service is unique in that we combine professional, world-class economic, digital marketing research, and SEO/web presence analysis of your company, your competition, and your market sector or vertical to give you actionable market intelligence you can take to the bank.

EconFIRST starts on a firm and scientific foundation of marketing research by true professionals who have made their clients millions of dollars based on their expert counsel and analysis. The primary weakness of all other offers of similar services is a failure from the start to discover and professionally analyze the meaning of raw economic data which reveals current and future market conditions.

A simple web analysis of your market or your web presence only provides you with a snapshot at the moment of what is happening. It will not predict future trends with anything near the accuracy of using economics as a starting point.

Beyond Statistics- We Need Hand-Crafted Intelligent Analysis

What do these numbers mean to a TV retailer in England?

Beyond merely finding data, we review trends and even news items, using our own search algorithm, to ensure the accuracy of the economic data and to data mine in other areas if necessary. This is well beyond merely citing statistics, although we certainly use them. Our aim is to understand the underlying economic reality and future trends to discover demand versus supply and how that impacts your customers and their buying patterns. This is hand-crafted intelligent analysis no machine running a search can provide.

With this foundation, we are able now to look at product verticals, geographic markets, and demographic audiences which we will know are important to your business based on solid economic research and then we can begin a web presence analysis which reveals an accurate picture of the current market reality online, your current web presence, and the where, how, when, and what regarding pushing content and advertising to attract more business.

Many Companies Will Live And Die On The Web

NEWSFLASH! Your web presence could make or break your company!

Your web presence is of vital importance. Whether you sell through e-commerce or by servicing leads, or even by word of mouth, companies are increasingly being judged on the basis of their web presence, or lack thereof.

Even if your company does little or nothing online, you can be almost certain at some point on time people will be talking about you online, and what they say will define your brand and your narrative to the whole world. In short, in the next few years many businesses will live or die on the web, based on how well they understand their web market and how the craft their own web presence.

Your web presence must be as robust as or more robust than your competitors, or, quite simply they will get a bigger market share than you ever will. It has to deliver something of value in an interesting and completing way that is not only useful from a logical perspective but that is felt to be useful by your audience, be they customers, potential customers, investors, business partners, policy makers who effect your industry, or the general public whose goodwill you must cultivate.

Having a strong and positive web presence that conveys useful and interesting content is becoming as important a benchmark in the public’s eye as your Standards and Poor rating, or even your credit rating. It tells anyone considering any interaction with your company whether they can trust you in terms of your commitments, the quality of your work, or any factor they deem important, such as whether you are a good corporate citizen.

There Are Too Many Things To Keep Track Of


Keeping track of benchmarks for a successful web presence, how you stack up to your competitors, the preferences and expectations of your audience, and the ways different segments of your web presence are working or need attention is not an easy task.

We provide you with an accurate blueprint for success in your web market

First, you have to know how to compile such data and what tools to use. Then you have to pay for those tools and learn how-to use them. Next, you have to couple that with economic data and with ongoing trends through some form of marketing research. Finally, you have to have experts who know the technical aspects of the web who can interpret it and who know the best and most cost-effective ways to make the necessary changes and adjustments.

That’s where we come in. We not only have world-class economic expertise as it relates to business, finance, and investing, we have world-class web professionals whose client list includes some of the most influential people in America. We have a suite of tools, some proprietary, that allow us to do a deep scrape of the web to compile factual and actionable data and to couple that with our vast experience infusing the web to attract clients, supporters, or even voters to its full effect.

The partners we utilize to support our services each have years of experience and have had many successes in their field. For instance, one if our partner providers literally wrote the book on web activism and we have utilized it in a commercial application to weave a narrative for our clients that eclipses their competition.

Using the firm foundations of sound economic data and marketing research analysis , we analyze all aspects of your web presence and your competitors’ web presence while revealing trends which paint a picture of your current web market and what that market may look like in 1-3 years.

What product lines should you be selling more? What are the ways people look for those prices? How so the top sellers of those products compare to you and how so they reach the web market? What kind of sales funnels are deployed to make sales?

All these types of questions are answered, giving you a clear blueprint for beating the competition.

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