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Will you help me to establish an independent national free press? I am only asking for $3 per month!

Will you help me to establish an independent national free press? I am only asking for $3 per month!

Bill Collier- I wrote in The Freedomist, here, THE FREEDOMIST, about the blatant collusion between the national press and the Democrat Party, although I also said we might see such collusion with conservative leaning outlets and the Republicans as well. We do not have an independent national free press and we need that badly. The fact a reporter or editor might have liberal or conservative leaning, or any leanings, should not prohibit them from doing their job and applying the same standard to everyone.

I have been involved in the fight to create an independent press since 1992. Along the way, aside from business partners, I have had little help from people most interested in creating such a press. I would have expected conservatives, and conservative groups, to support such efforts. But in reality unless they can control the whole show or benefit more from the deal than the people doing the work, they are unwilling to help.

So I have decided to make it easy for you to be part of creating an independent free press. My aim is to have enough income and resources to really work on creating a national independent press, both through this site and other projects, including projects with other business partners. So I am asking for you to consider signing up as a supporter for a whole $3 per month and asking your friends to do the same. For $3 a month you’ll get exclusive content I only produce for you. At first it will be less and then it will be more as the support base justifies the work. When, not if, I have enough support to truly provide a premium level of awesome content that typically sells for $10-$20 p, month, my first supporters will still get it for $3 per month forever.

If you know me and my work you know that I have been in this game for 26 years and I have done the grunt work to prove my merit and my capability. In terms of getting to the truth and opening eyes, I have literally impacted millions of people, and often totally behind the scenes. This is not bragging, it is truth telling. But what has always been lacking, and what I am not as “good” at is selling myself. I can and do sell other people, but the idea of selling myself seems arrogant and snotty, frankly.

So I will just keep it real. If you want someone who will work every day to create an independent free press, I am your man, and for only $3 you can be part of helping to fund my efforts, The more support I receive from people who subscribe to this site, the more I can do to invest time in both this site and other free press efforts, such as supporting and growing a local and regional free press model, starting with a local digital newspaper of which I own a part.

See this below? There is only one level now, $3 per month. Click it, use PayPal, the only method I use right now, and subscribe. It’s that simple. PayPal is secure and I do not receive your information, which is part of the reason I use it. The money goes to my business account and will fund my overhead, which, yes, includes a small salary so I can keep my head above water. If it gets big, my aim is to start financing other writers who deserve to earn income from their work as well,

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