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William R Collier Jr- The President of Nigeria is closet Salafist named Muhammadu Buhari. He was once a President by means of a military coup, and while he promised “this time” to amend his fascist ways, he has proven to be a liar. His latest episode is a response to long-running desire of the Igbo of Biafra for independence with genocidal violence. Having seen videos and confirmed the stories from people on the ground, I can state fully that the genocidal jihadism of President Bihari is very real.

Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, a group advocating for a peaceful and democratic referendum on Biafran indepdnence not dissimilar to the one held in Scotland. But the Salafist President of Nigeria has responded with force, waging a military and propaganda campaign that can only be described as laying the groundwork for genocide. While American political groups call each other Nazis, this Muslim President literally has the same type of agenda and desires to impose an Islamic caliphate over 100 million people in Nigeria, and perhaps beyond.

Using payments from the government, he has bought off the press who daily run the types of sensational stories one saw in the Nazi press against the Jews: blood libel means to inflame outrage and hate, and to excuse violence.

A quick scan of social media reveals many Hausa and other northerners, and Muslims in general following this lead, as revealed in many videos, showing the murder of Igbo men by Hausa men in the Nigerian Army. Buhari is consolidating his power and moving to wipe out the last Igbo resistence to his dreams of a Pan-African Islamic caliphate led by the Hausa tribe.

If he succeeds he will align himself against our enemies and a country of 100 million will be a safe haven for Islamic terror.

While this is happening, the U.S. has been silent and seems to be willing to do business woth the genocidal mad man. The situation is perilous. At this hour, the whereabouts of the IPOB leader and his parents are unknown. The US media, ever ready to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, refuse to cover this fairly as many of the same financial interests who control them are also part of the international corporate cartel that exploits oil in Biafra.

Even as Hausa men in Nigerian Army uniforms rampage in Biafran lands, randomly killing anyone associated with IPOB, the Hausa controlled press push out the worse kinds of propaganda. And in the West there is silence.

For instance, in Abia state, Hausa men ransacked a police station and shot up a town, this had been reported on social media virtually live, but the press report blamed IPOB and accused them of rounding up Hausa members in Abia, a southern state in Biafraland, when the exact opposite is the case. Predictably, Hausa in the north are looking for Igbo to “retaliate” against, and all this slaughter is at the behest of Burhari, Africa’s new Idi Amin.

Why won’t Buhari let the Igbo go to serve and worship their God in peace? It is because of oil. In fact, for the sake of oil concessions that rape the land and starve the people, western powers like Britain and France back the terror regime in Abuja. This is a disgrace to the Christian church to not lobby these governments to cease this grave injustice for which their own countries could be judged by God for the blood of His people.

The United States must act now, including calling for the U.N. to sanction President Buhari and hold a U.N. managed referendum. The U.N. charter accords each people a right to self-determination and the Igbo have suffered enough of African-On-African colonialism. The time is now for a free and fair referendum and the withdrawal of the Army from all Biafran lands.

We, as Christians, owe it to our brothers and sisters to support their safety and their rights. If we turn our back on them, then God is justified in visiting the same afflictions upon us! The Igbo people are our spiritual kin, and we must put them first in a fight against a Salafist fascist regime bent on genocide.

We fly the flag of Biafra in solidarity with our spiritual kin in Africa!