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Web Analysis Based on Economic Data

An Improved Approach To Web Marketing

ECON First clients are given rapid and affordable web marketing recommendations, based upon economic research, that can be acted upon immediately!

Subscribers to The Stapleford Report learn how to gain access to economic data that allows them to conduct profitable marketing that works.

Use integrated marketing research to optimize web based outreach.

How? Through the Internet, researchers now have access to an extraordinary range of economic data on the customer base in any specific geographic Primary Market Area. If you know your customers and potential customers, a web marketing strategy can be constructed that will enable you to outdo the competition in reaching and selling those customers at a fraction of the cost of comparable marketing research. ECON First combines affordable economic market research with digital research to provide a more integrated and fact driven web marketing strategy. Our Unique Proposition Increase your chances of web marketing success through a marketing research approach that is based on knowing underlying economic data and how it can show you what you should offer to whom, when, where, and how at a fraction of the cost for comparable marketing research.

Plotting your path to success has never been easier, because the knowledge you need it at your beck and call, if you know where to look.

Product ECON First provides business clients with analysis that identifies specific company business cycles, generates leading indicators, and details the demographic and economic characteristics of primary market area households. This analysis is the foundation for digital research and SEO/web presence analysis specific to a client’s geographic market area. At the end, the client receives actionable recommendations for launching a web marketing strategy that optimizes customer reach. 

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Why trust us John Stapleford has an impeccable reputation for financial and economic analysis, he has a Doctorate in Economics, he was a successful investment analyst, and he continues to advise businesses and local governments with great success. John Stapleford founded the Delaware Small Business Development Center.

William Collier is a nationally recognized innovative leader in social media.

Know the economic realities before spending money on sophisticated web marketing strategies. Economic data by zip code, county or region- how to find it, how to cross reference other data, how to interpret it are provided to ECON First clients. And you can gain access to examples of all these tips and more as a subscriber to the Stapleford Report!

With economic data and digital research, the numbers don’t lie and they are not subject to personal opinion- they show you with statistical certainty what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen in the marketplace.


essentials for business forecasting

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