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You’ve decided what city to visit. You’ve decided how to get there and when. You’ve decided on the hotel, car rental and some places to get some really good food while you’re there. Oh, sure, you still have to think about things like what clothes to pack and all that, but have you asked yourself, “How will I protect myself while I’m so far away from my normal comfort zone and friends and family?”

Oftentimes, this is the case. We get all excited about the fun stuff we hope to experience, but we don’t consider some of the “other” possibilities. We don’t think about the 2 block walk from that restaurant to our hotel at 11 o’clock at night. We don’t think about the neighborhood between the amusement park and our hotel. I can tell you firsthand, its easy to overlook these things.

Once, while in Belize, I went to Orange Walk for two days to see the Mayan Temple. Yep, had my hotel reservations. Yep, I knew what restaurant I’d be eating at the first night. Yep, I had my laptop lock for my hotel room. I got checked into the hotel. Took a shower and got fresh clothes on. Left the hotel towards my restaurant and never in my life had I been so overcome with fear. Everyone looked suspicious. Everyone looked at me like they wanted whatever I had in my back pocket… my wallet. I put my head up and walked briskly. I had a few people talk with me along the way, but I tried to move ahead. I finally made it and I was okay. But, I dreaded the walk back… it would be dark!

So, here’s the thing: Had I thought about it, I could’ve planned to take a stun gun or a TASER gun or even a pepper gun. But, I hadn’t thought about it. That was the problem.

I would have needed to know which of these weapons are legal in Belize and if I could have taken them with me on the plane. Which, it turns out that stun guns are legal in Belize and I could have flown with one in my checked baggage. But, I could not fly with a stun gun in my carry on.

To ensure you have a good time on your trip, plan both for the good and the possible bad. Take the time to really scrutinize where you’ll be and at what times of the day. Do a little research and see if you can carry along a stun gun, a TASER gun or a pepper gun, like the JPX Jet Protector with you. Hopefully, you won’t need it. And, usually, with proper planning you won’t. But, if you leave things to chance, you’ll end up just like I did in Belize… quite scared!

Source by Eliot Harris