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Radio Controlled Helicopters can be flown both indoors and outdoors. The best part about these toys is that you can find a model to buy within your budget, as there are many to choose from. However, apart from the price, many other considerations that goes into their selection Size: Toy helicopters can be radio controlled from 100ft or approximately 30m distance. Before purchasing a model, you must select a place where you intend to fly it, that is, whether indoor or outdoor. The smallest size radio controlled (RC) helicopter is easy to fly inside the house whereas larger RC models are more suitable for the outside. The micro-sized choppers can be flown outside only in gentle wind.

Ideally, you should buy a micro and macro Radio Controlled Helicopter for both indoor and outdoor flying.

Maneuverability: The varying models vary greatly in speed and maneuverability. To do aerobatics, you need them with more advanced control systems. The novice pilots will however, find flying these a challenge and may crash these expensive toys.

The number of transmitter system will indicate whether it is designed for advanced intermediate or novice Radio Controlled Helicopter pilots. The more advanced the transmitter channels (1, 2, 3, 4 or more), the more advanced the design of your RC chopper. The basic difference between the entry level and the advanced level chopper is the fixed pitch rotor and the variable pitch rotor, respectively. The price obviously varies proportionately with progressively advanced models.

Some smallest sized ones have only 2CH channels and are best for beginners. Novice pilots are also suggested trying to fly the 3CH models. 4CH models are reserved for the intermediates. After gaining some experience with the 4CH, intermediates may hop to the costlier 6CH models.

Power Source: models come with either of the two power sources: electric motors with rechargeable batteries, or with nitro gas.

Nitro gas powered models are noisier but emits a little plume of a gas trail which some people find realistic. In electric models when the batteries are out and down, you have to wait to resume flying till the batteries are recharged. In nitro gas models however, flying can resume as soon as you have filled up more gas. However, the electric models are the cheapest and nitro gas models are higher on the price scale. Hence, you may have no choice but to get this version because of the low price.

Radio Controlled Helicopter for Children: There are special considerations when buying toys for children. Children need to have patience to learn to fly and hover their helicopters. 2 or 3 channel helis are best suited for them. However, the cheapest models only have 5-8flight duration with every battery charge.

Price: There are many expensive toy versions as well as inexpensive models available below $100. Radio Controlled Helicopter prices vary according to their sophistication, or power source, the number of things they can perform, and the requirement of a skilled pilot. For beginners, models within the $100 range are best and are equally fun to fly.

Selection and purchase of low cost, as well as expensive RC choppers can both be done through online stores.

Source by Jacob Bainton