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What is the real choice for freedom lovers in the 2016 election? The choice is between an idealist gone bad who also happens to be a neomarxist and a businessman with a loud mouth which lacks humility and who may be more liberal than he puts on. We know with mathematical and scientific certainty that in this political contest only one of these two will win and even if you sit it out the consequences will be upon you.

Neither Gary Johnson nor Jill Stein are going to win. They won’t win so much as a single electoral vote. People who fight on their side are virtually the same as non-combattants caught in the crossfire during a civil war. Thankfully these civil wars fought every 4 years only involve votes and not bullets. But everyone, whether they back one of the real combatants or not, will have to live with what comes next.

If this fight was between Trump and, say, Jim Webb, one might easily say Webb not being an ideologue idealist with all kinds of corruption baggage might mean staying out of the fight is not of great consequence. But Hillary Clinton has won the Democrat nomination, not Jim Webb.

But Hillary is using the language and making the promises of a neomarxist. How much she believes her own rhetoric remains untested. In public office she did not behave as a neomarxist, but now she is surrounded by and beholden to a hard left clan of power grabbers who promise her a nice cushy seat at the head of the table in exchange for compliance. The only way she can govern from the center, as Bill Clinton did in his second term, is to somehow throw all these present day donors and backers under the bus and hope to win re-election without them.

The best case scenario is Hillary manages to run to the center and govern there. As much as I did not prefer her husband, he was not hard left like Obama was or like the current Democrat Party platform seeks to be. But being more liberal and less conservative is the worse case scenario for Mr Trump. Aside from a few nutcases who sensationalize things, nobody seriously thinks Trump is going to govern as a neomarxist or any other kind of despot. He might even surprise everyone and govern as his mostly conservative inner circle, which includes his two sons Donald and Eric, will want him to. Although he is sure to open his mouth and insert his foot a lot.

So with Mr Trump we might have a liberal to centrist guy someone corralled by his conservative inner circle who embarrasses us sometimes. If you think he is some sinister would be dictator while giving Hillary a pass, when her proposals and platform really do require moving perilously close to a police state, then I can’t reach you and I won’t try.

There are many things about Trump that worry me. He spoke once about going after people who libel political candidates. His language about Mexicans and Muslims was inartful and could sound sinister to those people targeted. I am still not sure he is against single payer, socialized, health care. I think he is too cozy with Putin and doesn’t recognize how bad this guy is. I wonder how pro life he is and am appalled he praised Planned Parenthood. He seems weak on guns.

In short, I feel like I am choosing between Bill Clinton and a potential idealistic neomarxist who has clearly violated the law and gotten away with it. Really.

Given a choice between the new neomarxist sounding Hillary and a billionaire who might be a Bill Clinton clone….I’ll take “Bill” over HER.

It’s a sad choice. But either I choose a side or I live with the consequences and have exactly zero choice over the poison I have to swallow. Such is the state of things for any social and fiscal conservative living in a society who culture and media are controlled by leftists and whose people are mostly political illiterates.