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RAWE News stands for Resource, Advocate, Watchdog, and Educator, the key roles a true free press plays if it is centered on the interests of the People. Through a balance of these roles, with an emphasis on the resource and advocate roles, news media can both serve the common good and make profit. Profit is the sure sign that news media are in fact serving their constituency, including viewers/readers and advertisers.

My name is William R Collier Jr, or Bill for short. I have been involved in news in some way since 1992 and have both run local newspapers and consulted other publications, I teach people how to be citizen journalists and I have a passion to empower average people to be their own news resources. I envision a day in which some sort of people-centered, and empowerment-focused, independent free press exists in every community around the world. The RAWE News model was developed from the WAR news model and is an expansion of that model, which model is the basis of The Freedomist, a news publication co-founded by myself and co-owned by my business partners in that enterprise.

Resource means providing useful, and life-essential, news about activities, resources, news events, and the such which may not be sensational but that are essential. Knowing about a State Department Travel Advisory or an IRS report on tax scammers, or knowing how to find accurate information on international flights, are all bread and butter issues that average people would find useful.

Advocate means not only advancing the editorial view of the news source, which should be up front and never hidden, but giving space to all sorts of views from diverse people, even people we disagree with, giving them a space and platform to advocate for their own views and agenda. Of course there are limits, defined by decency, being family friendly, and eschewing hate and extremism, but beyond those common sense limits, the idea is to be an advocate for ALL the people, not just the ones with whom we agree.

Watchdog is a role defined as watching out and guarding the safety and interests of the people against fraud, waste, abuse, and violations of their rights, persons, or property by any entity, of any type, whether official or unofficial. This involves digging into potential cases of endangering the rights, safety, or property and wealth of the people, in other words good investigative journalism. This is the most sensational aspect of news reporting and many are attracted to it, but it plays a smaller role than the resource and advocacy roles.

Educator is a role defined as providing accurate, useful content and fact-checking or giving good background on today’s headlines, not assuming every reader knows the background, and being fair and objective in the process. It also entails educating the audience to become actively engaged in news coverage, including news reporting and determining news priorities in a participatory manner. Whether you work with RAWE News or have your own news blog or if you just want to be a citizen journalist, we want work to empower you!

The RAWE News model is the future of real journalism.