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rawe news logo finalThe Observer has a brilliant piece out today which details the proven bias of not only the news media but major platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Apple, and Google. Anyone who has a perspective other than Progressivism or who has any criticism of Progressivism or Progressives faces a wall of resistance, barriers to getting their message out. The scales are heavily tilted in favor of the “acceptable” worldview, the official party line that is literally spun in the offices of the DNC and fed out to its “organs” which pretend to be objective and fair.

Apple, for instance, deems any mention of Donald Trump to be “explicit” because, for Progressives, you not agreeing with them is “explicit”: they truly believe that non-Progressive views and beliefs are “beyond the pale” and worthy of censure. It is not even necessary to make the usual remarks about their so-called “tolerance”, which is a total lie. It would be more accurate to typify the Progressive attitude as conceit these people really believe they are superior to everyone else in every way and they have zero respect for you if you do not conform. Even if you do conform, they consider you conformation to be the only “legitimate” response to their preachment.

But while this article is brilliant in how it details and proves the point, this information has floated around for quite a while. And I call tell you that people with money and means who might oppose this bias have shown little inclination to support alternative platforms or media outlets. They tend to support media outlets that throw bombs and act no better than the Progressives, albeit from a non-Progressive perspective. Having a high standard both of excellence and, yes, fairness, should be the norm and the media outlet that has the right backing and does this well shall become dominant among liberals, independents, libertarians. moderates, and conservatives.

The answer to Progressive bias and unprofessional conduct is not an opposite response, It is to take up the mission outlined here- to be an independent and people-powered free-press that acts as a resource, an advocate, and a watchdog as well as a source of education about the facts and truths behind the headlines. We need a free press that works for everyone and that does so in an entertaining way. We need a free press that goes wherever truth leads. We need a free press of whom it cannot be justly said that it favors any side or any perspective.

It is true I am a conservative and my writing clearly reflects that. In disclosing that I am being fair to everyone, But the national press in America today, and these platforms, act as an adjunct of the DNC while claiming to be fair. They present their opinion as fact and any alternative view as illegitimate and unreasonable. While this happens with conservative media, the fact is conservative media doesn’t parade itself as somehow totally unbiased and does a good job of disclosing its editorial perspective.

If you can support this site and my efforts, consider doing so, But, honestly, the track record of conservative is that they love to complain about  liberal bias but they have zero interest in supporting people who could provide a better alternative. As long as this continues the Progressive advance to total dominance will continue apace.