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It is an old trick played by the left. If you want to attack someone in an over the top manner, choose an untouchable attacker who is deemed a victim. Concurrently, with the national press in blatant collusion, undermine and vilify any actual victims who speak against the left.

When Pat Smith, mother of a son who died in Benghazi, stood before the GOP convention and delivered a scathing rebuke to Hillary Clinton for lying to her, the national press attacked…..her. Hillary Clinton said she was lying. The media complained that it was supposed stunt and spent their energy attacking her while ignoring, and not even reporting on, her accusations. The media pulled away from coveting her speech or the many speeches by victims of the Democrat open border chaos that allows illegal alien criminals to run riot on our streets.

But when a Muslim man with his wife stand before Democrats upon the grave of their dead son and say blatantly untrue things about Donald Trump the same media hail them as heroes. They even claim they are changing politics forever. Indeed this is wishful thinking as the media really want to be considered taboo to question any of the socialist precepts of modern progressivism. In truth, this entire planned operation which the media are participating in is a total con job.

Never mind that the death of their son has nothing at all to do with Mr Trump. Never mind that their smears of him are demonstrably untrue. Never mind that the man supports a Party whose platform itself dishonors the Constitution and Bill of Rights even as he waves a pocket Constitution which a plurality of American Muslims believe should be replaced with Sharia law.

What the Khans have done and continue to do is lie abut Donald Trump while making ridiculous claims that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and that somehow not being for what Hillary Clinton wants means you do not understand your Constitution. The Khans are cons who shamelessly stand on their own son’s grave, who fought in a war Hillary voted for and Donald opposed and who was killed by Islamists, to drag the rest of us into a socialist hell which also includes importing tens of thousands of potential Jihadists.

Everyone is careful to claim their son was a hero and tiptoe around the Khans as the Khans continue their con and heap scorn and lies and try to neuter the GOP and change the subject about the real nature of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Like many of his coreligionists, Mr Khan has a seething contempt for the American way of life and is an apologist for radical Islam because he denies that it exists or has anything to do with terror. Here is a man who waves a Constitution at Donald Trump while he supports a woman who hates the Bill of Rights and who wants to nullify the 1st amendment under the guise of tolerance and the second amendment under the guise of public safety. Here is a man who thinks the fact his son died means he has permission to smear and slander others without being held accountable. Here is a man who denies the simple truth that modern Islamism as a religiously inspired political movement that is at war with us or that a significant minority of Muslims aren’t at least sympathetic to that.

The crux of what Khizr Khan said against Trump was that because his understanding of the Constitution doesn’t agree with Hillary Clinton and her socialist agenda then Mr Trump was dishonoring the memory of his son. By extension the apparent Islamist denier is impugning all Americans who reject socialism and who do not want their country overrun by people who may hate our way of life.

Sadly, the likes of Paul Ryan waxed on and on about objecting to something Trump is not proposing, a religious test, to both support the Khans and undermine the GOP nominee. No doubt this was not useful and will be used against Mr Ryan in his faltering reelection bid. Serious doubts have arisen about his radical open borders policies which continue even as he claims he is for a secure border. (The GOP open-borders crowd want Hillary to win because they are passionate about cheap and publicly subsidized labor.)

As for the Khans, you don’t get a pass to impugn everyone who disagrees with you (everyone who hates socialism and who doesn’t want millions of potential Islamists overrunning our country) with your smears and lies. Your son dying is totally irrelevant to how badly behaved you are and is no excuse for being a hatchet man for the freedom takers.

I suspect that as we learn more about the Khans and their conning of America we’ll find a couple who deep down do want to change America….. into something that will be a nightmare to those who love freedom.