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There is a lot of confusion about the difference between stun guns and tasers partly because the media especially television seems to interchange the two frequently. They are not the same.

While there are some similarities there are many more differences. As a consumer it is in your best interest to know the differences and similarities.

Here’s what they share in common.

Non Lethal Self Defense Products. By definition they are both in a group of products meant to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation and seek help or subdue an assailant so no harm can come to you. Best just to get the heck away. No lasting damage can come from any non lethal self defense product.

Stun Devices. They are both considered stun devices.

Used by Law Enforcement. Almost all law enforcers carry a stunguns. Tasers are carried and used by over 11,000 police departments in the U.S. and in an additional at least seven other counties

Here’s how they are different.

1.Price. Stunguns range in price from the low twenties to nearly ninety dollars. Tasers start at three hundred and go up to one thousand dollars for civilian models. Police models are more expensive. Discounts are sometimes available.

2.Size. Stunguns are smaller, some as small as three inches. The smallest tazer is about the size of your hand but most are hand gun size.

3.How They Work. Stun Guns disrupt the nervous system. Tasers disrupt both the nervous and muscular system.

4.Range. A stun gun must be “applied to the hide”as I call it while a taser has a range up to fifteen feet.

5.Effectiveness. Stun guns are on average 86 percent effective and tasers are nearly 100 percent effective. That is critical in life and death situations.

6.Power. A stungun transmits from 80,000-975,000 volts with 7-14 watts of energy. A taser transmits 50,000 volts with 18 watts of energy. It is the wattage that makes the difference here.

Those are the basic similarities and differences. The differences between them are important for you to know because they both save lives. The one you choose could save YOUR life.

Source by Jack Krohn