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It does not matter if you are a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or nature watcher. What matters is being able to see and identify exactly what you are looking at or looking for. For hunters having the correct hunting equipment can mean the difference between getting the prize and missing the prize. When out looking at nature whether it is on a safari, in the forest, or nature reserve you are there to observe different species. Having a spotting scope will help to magnify what you are looking at so you can take in all its beauty. This piece of equipment is gaining popularity fast amongst hunters and nature watchers because they are both powerful and compact.

When choosing a spotting scope they can vary in design but there are two basic body designs that most will choose.

– Straight design-this design is easier for beginners to aim and to see animals on the ground. They also put less strain on your neck when you are using level viewing. The eyepiece and barrel are parallel

– Angled design-when you are with a group this design is easier to share and is better to spot hiding or tree top animals. Because it has a higher eye point, you can use a shorter tripod. The eyepiece is forty-five degrees from the barrel axis.

Using a spotting scope it is much easier to find a particular animal in a large herd such as seeing a herd of deer and trying to find the Black Buck in all of the deer. Yes, you can use binoculars but you will not have the higher magnification as with the scope. It is also easier to see an animal when it is hiding. Some animals will visit a certain watering hole or other special place a few hours in the day or maybe a special migration place once a year. Using a scope you can see movements in the air or on the ground, even as far away as two to three hundred yards.

As most hunters and nature watchers know, it can be a daunting task trying to distinguish between certain animals. Some species have similar patterns and colorations so you will have to zoom in to make the distinction between animals. Using a scope, you will have unbelievable clarity to make that distinction.

In conclusion, a spotting scope will help hunters and nature watchers spot particular animals in a large herd, find where it is hiding, spot animals in the distant, and distinguish between animals you are looking at.

Source by Avisha Jain