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I am seeking SPONSORS for RAWE News who can choose from one of the packages described below and who will be supporting a vision to break the media narrative by attracting a large audience who want REAL news that is accurate, timely, and interesting!

RAWE News will be a news curation and aggregation site, at first, but will expand into something bigger as we recruit people who have their own RAWE News Blogs for subjects and for locales across the US and around the world.

We will be a people-powered news source based on the RAWE News models, which means we are a Resource, an Advocate, a Watchdog that is both Educational and Entertaining (the E stands for BOTH educational and entertaining).

RAWE News is run by REAL people like you! This is me, Bill Collier, on a trip to Germany. I have the skills, experience, and connections needed to drive customers or supporters to your website!

You can choose the following options for sponsorship:

Hosting Package- we provide you with WordPress web hosting for your domain, we set up a basic template for you, we provide video tutorials, and we promote your website throughout our network. We also manage your updates and security and do backups of your website. We connect your RSS feed to our network to promote your site.

Promotion Package- we use our network to drive at least 1500 unique visitors per month to your website and perform on-page and off-page SEO meant to give you a monthly search engine exposure of 20,000 or more, plus we rotate your banner ad on the top of our main website.

Web Design Package- we produce a 10-page WordPress site and host it for a year for you, plus connect your rss feed to our network, but you $300 up front plus a monthly fee of $125 for the following 12 months.

Cost of the sponsorship- the sponsorship cost is $125/month. We invoice you via PayPal and do not charge you the PayPal fees.

If you choose the Web Design Package, you pay $300 up front and then $125 after the site is launched. This is a $2500 web design/hosting package. With this package you are committed to the whole 12 months.

If you COMBINE packages, for instance if you do the web design package and the promotion package together, we offer a 20% discount on the total combined monthly fee.  This combined package would cost $300 up front, then $200 per month thereafter. This is our best deal as it gives you a great website, great hosting and maintenance, promotions, and SEO to keep you on a solid footing and grow your audience,

How do you get started?

Use the form below and submit a CONSULTATION REQUEST. This is not a commitment to buy! It is only a request for a free consultation so I can assess your needs and if you are a good fit for this special program. It will grow your audience and result on more sales or supporters for your organization or your business.

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A News Curation and Analysis Service For Discriminating Readers

Getting reliable, unfiltered, and intelligent news at a glance is getting harder and harder these days. Often you end up with clickbait headlines, media sources you know are biased and unreliable, or fluff that doesn’t matter to thinking people who want real news.

My vision for RAWE News is to pull together a team of writers, news hounds who can source and curate news, and technical as well as marketing wizards to build sweat equity and grow a property they could become part owners of, or at least share revenue from if it becomes monetizable. I am not promising or predicting any outcomes, my reason for appealing to people to join with me in doing this project is that I know a plurality of people who are rather discriminating about their news content really have no high quality, reliable, and timely news resource that isn’t somehow controlled by some party or person with their own as to grind.

I believe such a service is needed, I know how-to manage teams and work web projects to a successful outcome, I know a lot of people who could help, and I don’t have the time or means to do this myself. I also believe such a site could potentially move the narrative back toward the right and also cut off our media opponents from more eyeballs and help good conservative news sites get visitors.

Could such a site be popular? There are probably 100,000 or more news aficionados our there who would discover and use such a site daily within a 6 month period of time. That’s just my gut, it’s not science. I do know I want such a site and I personally know people, including writers and bloggers, who would find such a site really useful. I am certain conservative writers and bloggers, conservative political activists, political professionals, and busy small business owners or upper level management types would find such a service useful. I don’t know if they would pay for it or who would sponsor it, although I would wish to attract some people who could make those things happen.

I don’t propose this will compete with the likes of Drudge, the only real competition in this niche of curated news for a more or less conservative audience. I am looking for people who share the same passion for well-curated news that is accurate, timely, quality, and well organized and that includes summaries and analysis that are more intelligent. The idea is to build a team of 10-20 people, including writers, researchers, curators, web people, marketers, and people who know how to monetize sites and have everyone spent maybe 5 hours per week in a coordinated manner to produce a 24/7 News curation, summarization, and analysis service that is more intelligent and reliable than most anything else out there, and that caters more or less to conservatives.

I am not wanting to build the next Drudge, nor another conservative news site. What I envision will have more meat than Drudge and will NOT use the opposition press for direct links: news summaries explaining the story and perhaps detailing the bias of the source would be used, allowing people to get the gist before wasting time on the source, but giving them the option to go to the source if they wish to research more. I also want to help conservative news media outlets, using them foremost but not neglecting the need to do due diligence for facts or claims. In short, someone could use this site to see what is happening now, to research archived information as the site ages, and to find news, information, and research sources to dig as deep as they like.

RAWE NEWS is an American-based web of news sires that is available to more discriminating news hounds who tend to be more conservative. It’s not a huge audience, perhaps, but if you agree this audience is not having its need a met, and it numbers at least 100,000, then perhaps this is a project worth getting involved in. If only 1% of Trump voters relied on this site for their up to the minute news curation, that could be over 600,000 people per day.

Ultimately, nobody should do this alone. I have built and host the site, I am promoting it, I will manage and coordinate a team to make it bigger, I write, and I have developed connections with leaders in the conservative news world and in the political arena. I can also develop a strong social media and SEO footprint.  But, with a team, together, we can create the kind of news curation service we need, and perhaps your participation will at least pay off in having full access to such a service you can trust.

This would be a great side project for writers, bloggers, marketers, and web designers who know WordPress: you’ll build a service you can use and benefit from, you’ll get recognition for your contribution, and, if and when it starts to make any money, you could make some extra coin. If you wish, you can also earn a SPONSORSHIP for your own website.

Does this interest you? use the form below if you know you can commit to 5 to 10 hours per week, more in the building phase, and tell me what your talents and background are so I can choose a team that can turn this into reality. You can also email

Pictured: from my trip to the Middle East, I was in Nablus, the West Bank. I go right to the source for news.

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