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The hard left, which now owns Hillary Clinton and the Democrats (along with the national press), has no real agenda and cannot make its true beliefs attractive to most freedom loving people. For that reason, the hard left has to tear down their opponents on a personal level rather than tackle their actual agenda or beliefs. For the hard left, the use of lies and adhominem to paint a nasty, even if totally untrue, picture of their opponents is the only way to win. The high road of letting their ideas speak for themselves is not open because those ideas are as dark and dangerous to freedom as the worse ideologies known to man. In the end the hard left want a single party, top-down society where a few elite technocrats make all your daily decisions for you. To sell you that would be impossible, and so they sell you promises like free college or a right to health care, all of which require their top-down power grab, while convincing you through constant propaganda that the other side are all…racists.

The hard left cannot ever deliver on their promises. Their catalogue of positive rights to health care or a living wage or anything they promise is a childish fantasy that no human society can deliver, even if the utopian socialist schemes have total power over everything, as they did with the USSR. To make something that cannot be even attempted without total centralized and top-down control a right is a not really a promise to deliver that thing, which is impossible to deliver, but it is a promise to deliver only the control without the benefit.

The race to the bottom in discourse becomes more rapid as the dream of the arrogant hard left appears close to completion. They have won everything. The culture war is theirs. The media are theirs. Academia are theirs. The courts are theirs. They are taking over the military. The arts and entertainment are theirs. They did not win these things fair and square. Like Hillary’s victory over Sanders, the hard left only win by cheating and stealing and through outright discrimination against their opponents who are unaware of the nature of the hard left and who think these people are basically decent people with different views. But decent people are not power mad maniacs who are willing to lie and cheat and steal to get power over everything and everyone in pursuit of fantasies.

And so we see the hard left’s use the label of racist to malign the Republicans, their opponents. Ask the average black person in the ghettos of America and they’ll tell you Republicans are racists while they keep voting for Democrats who run their cities and while they themselves live in squalor and amidst crime and drugs with terrible schools and no real jobs. The racist bogeyman keeps these people locked in a ghetto plantation where they face real and actual racism which nobody seems to care about.

There is real racism and it isn’t the Republicans or Donald Trump who are the racists. Perhaps it is the Democrat Party Elite whose policies and programs have created ghettos and kept the black man down that are racists, although, to be fair, it is more likely just plain ideological stupidity. But black people truly do face real racism in America, and racists comes from all walks of life and political affiliations.

When the hard left label people racist for such reasons as wanting school choice, opposing abortion, and opposing illegal immigration, they actually cover up real racism. The constant mantra of racism for things many know are not racist desensitizes people to the term and makes them think that all accusations of racism have that same foundation in the leftist playbook.

In trying to explain how black men and women actually face all kinds of racism daily and have every reason to be upset, I usually face skepticism from the right and, as far as many blacks are concerned, because I am white and a Republican I am a racist anyway so why listen to me.

But this is exactly what the hard left want. They have voting blocks of people they make victims, and whom they must keep as victims while blaming their political opponents. We are seeing this now with Latinos for whom suddenly being opposed to allowing 30 million border jumpers to become citizens means you hate Latinos. Latinos are falling behind as they become a Democrat voting block largely on the same basis the black community votes Democrat, because they have become convinced that Republicans really hate Latinos.

There is neither logic nor justice to any of this and the true victims of these leftist tactics are minorities who suffer under leftist policies and who are now isolated and divided from white people whom they fear are all racists. (Unless that white person is a Democrat operative or Party Boss who gets the imprimatur of civil rights leaders or black clergy.)

This prevents real racism from being identified and confronted and real pluralistic unity among all Americans. And that is precisely what the Democrats want.