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Prussian in Konigsberg by Rustam Vasiliev

Prussians in Konigsberg by Rustam Vasiliev

There are Prussians in East Prussia. These include new Prussians, people not related to former Prussian citizens by blood but who have nevertheless adopted the Prussian nationality. Among them are people of Russian, Lithuanian, and Polish ancestry who have totally adopted Prussia as their national identity, culture, and way of life. These and other Prussians, including offspring of the ancient Prus tribe and offspring of former Prussian citizens, are seeking to promote a peaceful secession of the territory now called Kaliningrad to become an independent state.

While The Prussian Kingdom is for entertainment and educational purposes, the aspiration of these Prussians is indeed not only very real but it has real consequences for them, of which the world is not aware. The occupation and suppression of the Prussian nation by the state of Russia has become infamous in Prussian circles. The Prussian Kingdom is declared a “captive nation of war” and, while we would applaud ANY form of statehood gained peacefully, we propose the form of a Prussian Kingdom in which there is a nobility of merit as being most in keeping with the ideas and ideals of the Prussian nation.

The persecution of the Prussians by the Russian State is a fact of life which the world press have ignored. There are exiles, Prussian patriots forced from the heartland of East Prussia, from Konigsberg itself,, who fear reprisals by Putin’s criminal state. The expulsion of persons who espouse for Prussia continues, despite the fact the Russian occupiers do a brisk business in “Prussian Tourism” to the occupied East Prussian capital. The fate of some of these patriots remains unknown, while many have either fled or gone underground. But the suppression of the Prussian national identity, an identity which has always transcended race or ethnic background and which has always welcomed freedom seekers who care to follow the Prussian virtues, must be answered by the world’s powers.

One can look in vain to see if the current German State, which is not “Treue Deutsch” but INTERNATIONALIST and run by Eurocrats, defend the interests of Prussians. Indeed, while more and more Germans own and celebrate the Prussian nationality of their fathers and mothers, the German State and its leaders continues to behave in the most irresponsible and unjust manner toward the Prussian nation. There is a willingness to appropriate Prussian symbols and history for the interests of that State, without doing honor to the Prussian virtues or to the autonomy of Prussian from the greater German Nation of which it is but a part.

For our part, we honor and will stand up for the rights of ALL Prussians, including those new Prussians who have happily discovered and embraced Prussia as their own national identity. While it is not unreasonable that the Russian state does not wish to lose territorial sovereignty over occupied East Prussia, any more than Poland or Lithuania would want to cede their parts of our heartland, it is not reasonable to suppress the Prussian national identity and to allow local Prussians, including new Prussians, to exercise their inherent right of cultural and economic self-determination. This can be achieved even if the present political boundaries do not change. The Prussian people in these lands can abide almost ANY state that will allow them to teach and speak their language, practice their ideals, and openly celebrate their national culture, heritage, history, and traditions.

The spirit of the Prussian nation is strong and vibrant and attracts people once they know the true meaning and vision of Prussia. And for occupiers who brook not even cultural autonomy, the idea that this spirit would be allowed to be shown in public is dangerous- it would point to the paucity of what is being offered as its alternative and break the cultural hegemony. The Prussian National spirit is not going to be so easily suppressed. Forced underground it will grow, for it is in the air, in the history of the surroundings, and even those whose parents may have come to occupy the land as foreign invaders can and will be drawn to that spirit, to take up the very banners and causes that once made those lands glorious and free.

Today, the Kremlin is at war with Prussia. And who has she to defend her but us and those patriots who have come now to love her?

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