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Fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use, but still you need to familiarize yourself with its usage otherwise you will end up causing more harm than good. During fire emergency situation some people have the tendency to panic which oftentimes result to uncoordinated reactions. They get so overwhelmed by confusion that they would miss even the most simple of instruction such as using extinguishers.

Emergency equipments are designed to be user-friendly which simply means it does not take an engineer to correctly use it. Considering the potential of fires to cause colossal damage and high casualty, manufacturers of fire extinguishers made it point to provide easy to follow instructions on each of their product. In anticipation of an emergency situation wherein memorized instructions might be forgotten because of panic, the instructions in using a fire extinguisher have been summed up for easy recall. PASS which stands for pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep is the acronym coined after a careful consideration of instructions found in various fire extinguishers.

Remember PASS in case of fire.

– P – Pull the pin.

– A – Aim at the base of the fire.

– S – Squeeze the top lever.

– S – Sweep back and forth towards the fire

You should stand several feet from the fire before squeezing the lever. Once the lever is depressed, aim at the base of the fire and sweep form side to side until the fire is out. There have been a number of cases when fire reignites after being put out, you should refrain from walking on an area where fire has just been put out. You should take the necessary precaution when using carbon dioxide extinguishers. Its metal parts are usually dangerously cold, follow the instruction carefully or have someone show you how to use it.

There are other equally important reminders to reckon with when fighting a fire besides PASS. First and foremost, fire fighting is better left to professionals. Using the fight extinguisher is only advisable when the situation will not in any way put you in peril. Use extinguishers when the fire is small and contained. Likewise, you should only attempt to fight a fire when the fire alarm has been activated and the fire department is being contacted. It is also very important that the exit is clear for an easy way out when the situation worsen. Lastly, you need to have the right extinguisher for the type of fire you need to extinguish.

The cardinal rule in any emergency situation is not to let yourself get harmed least you become a casualty yourself. The next best thing to do is to help any person in immediate danger to safety. It also necessary to contact the fire department immediately because fires spread fast as the temperature within the vicinity increases. Moreover, fire extinguishers are designed to fight fires at its early stage.

Fighting a fire effectively is a concerted effort that involves not only the fire fighters themselves but most specially those who are caught at the scene or at the crossfire so to speak. You can choose to be a victim or be the savior. Who has the right fire extinguisher wins.

Source by Brian Ayling