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OPINION – ​The Open Society Fondation is the driving force behind much of today’s injustice from the left, all dressed up in smooth rhetoric and slick lies, all packaged in utopian promises. It is a criminal and terrorist entity that provokes violence and hate in the name of peace and justice. Without it many groups, including communist front groups like “Black Lives Matter”, designed to foment race war and promote instability that justifies dictatorship, would be penniless.
The exploitation of legitimate issues draws even decent people into such groups not because they support the group’s true agenda, they don’t know it, but because of the issues being addressed. So many BLM participants and members may just be looking to address real and legitimate beefs with the surrounding society.
It’s noteworthy that all these incidents of outrage often happen in areas controlled by the people elected by the offended populace.
All of this violence and hate coming from the left today, which sounds shrill and which refuses any dialogue and simple ladles everyone racist or extremist, has its locus in the OSF led by one George Sonos, a man who deserves to he tried for crimes against humanity. Both he and his offspring are involved in a dangerous plot to destabilize society and justify the creation of a one party socialist state controlled from behind the scenes by him and his cronies.
When one hears Hillary talking smack about how the GOP is extremely and is hateful and racist and all that, just know she is taking her orders from Sonos and is doing nothing more than her master bids her to do. This is the worse case of projection I have ever seen as everything the Hillary camp says about her opponents is doubly true of her and especially her master.
There are those who think Hillary seeks justice. She stopped doing that when she ran a war room to take down the women abused by he husband. Now she only has the rhetoric of seeking justice but none of the inner conviction. And now, instead of following her conscience, she follows George Soros.