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Well our old friend OBL is at it again, this time he is giving us one last warning and chance for reconciliation before he attacks; he says in his latest video. That man needs some help with choreography indeed. He looks like hell and appears to be having what looks like a perpetual bad hair day with lice and all sorts of debris living in there.

Many citizens keying off of the mass media hysteria are concerned that Osama bin Laden is planning an attack on a Nuclear Power Plant. In reality he may have many such wild dreams in under that sheet of his, but our Nuclear Power Plants are well fortified and the FBI is going after any International Terrorist Cells. And Americans own guns and are not afraid to use them if they see a Jihad’ist on his way to attack an American Target or harm a single American Citizen.

Additionally an interesting study by the Rand Corporation after 9-11 showed that the vulnerabilities were at issue and problematic as you correctly state, many of these issues identified have been taken care of, but certainly not all. Recently two energy specialists Mark Holt and Carl Behrens gave a report to Congress worthy of mention as well, as per a Nuclear Hazard FEMA document online.

The fact is that the United States population is safe, well armed and getting a little pissed off with these videotapes of OBL showing up on our television sets. Do not be surprised if OBL’s little group attempts something and is stopped cold in their tracks and DOA. Americans are not going to put up with these fear tactics, nor are the US Authorities going to allow them to take out a Nuclear Power Plant. Please Think on this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow