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Welcome To The Stapleford Report

My name is John Stapleford. I am the President of Econ First, which offers unique web market analysis that will bring more customers to your business.

Our one-of-kind service starts with gathering economic data that reveals current and future market conditions for your specific firm. The economic data then guides the digital marketing research and SEO/web presence analysis of your company, your competition, and your market sector or vertical. The result is actionable market intelligence that optimizes the customer traffic from your web based marketing.

We have decades of experience in combining economic analysis of spatially defined markets with web market research. Examples of our applied research is found in our blog and Knowledge Library depository. Abstracts are available to free subscribers, and complete articles can be accessed through paid subscription.

You can see explicitly how the optimum web marketing strategy integrates with the firm specific economic analysis in the attached detailed METHODOLGY statement. If you see the value added in our unique approach to generating a web marketing strategy, then complete the CONTACT form so we can discuss your needs and answer your questions with you.

A Brief History Of Christian Nation Building

If we belong to a nation that establishes the righteousness of the law as its moral and ethical compass, we will experience those blessings which come to such a nation. (Note: this was written in 2008.) This is the basic idea of this message which, by God’s Grace, I am sharing now with you. Let me start with a question; do you believe that God called America’s Pilgrim Fathers into the unknown New World? Can you imagine that what God has done before He can do again? God has been in the Nation Building business for some time! Here is a partial list of leaders or movements that were blessed in this heretofore ignored “ministry” of “Nation Builders for...

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A Right To Freehold

In Nigeria, you don’t “own” land, the government owns all land and state governors issue certificates of occupancy (although only 3% of land is propery registered). All land in Nigeria is legally a leasehold from you to the government. How is what we have so different? We have property taxes. When your land is taxed it isn’t a freehold, you are a serf on a leasehold. And if the “value” of your property goes up you can lose it because the taxes become insanely high. You might buy a house for $124,000 but your neighborhood becomes popular and now it’s value is $500,000. Your taxes go from an affordable but still rapacious $1200 a year on your $65,000...

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The Stapleford Report is published by Econ First and demonstrates examples of the wide range of economic and digital market research done by our company.  The brief blogs help you to better understand ECON First‘s unique approach to building the optimal web marketing channels for individual firms. For questions or more insights, fill out our CONTACT form.