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But the government refuses to acknowledge the truth….

This is the feeling of many Gemrans. Perhaps not a majority, it’s hard to tell, but definitely a strong pluraliry. The feeling is that while the Salafists among these million plus refugees are at war with Germany, the German government is more focused on waging war on the rights of its own citizens to protect themselves or even speak out against the Jihad among them.

Germans hit the road for vacations and a week later the Salafist Jihad began a series of attacks on her people…..

In my personal journey inside Germany, I was able to informally interview dozens of Germans. Online that number is higher. Speaking off the record and where they know their comments are not monitored, one gets a very different feeling about what Germans feel and think than you will ever find in polls or social media or anywhere in public.
The truth is that the German government, led by a woman who some have accused of being associated with the East German secret state police (Stasi) is paying people to monitor what Germans say online and in public. The consequences can be a knock on the door or a trip to your employer’s office where you find you have lost your job. To speak out in any way against immigrants or the influx of foreigners gets you labeled a Nazi, and the consequences are real.

Meanwhile, Germans are virtually diaarmed. In a nation of 86 million souls, there are some 1.4 million legal gun owners, and the range of weapons they can possess is limited. But this has not made them safe. This has made them prey and more and more of them are waking up to this.

But what is not known or reported, and I could only discern thtough secret online conversations with Germans who often speak anonymously, is that some Germans are determined to be armed. They see an enemy growing in their midst and their own government more focused on their speech and disarmament than the real enemy. And they want to live and feel safe. They’ll do whatever it takes to be secure.

And so it goes in Germany today, resistance to the Salafists Jihad, and their own government’s blindness, gathers strength in beer gardens and loving rooms. First there are tentative conversations, then there are discoveries that they are not alone, and finally full throated venting of feelings one could never share in public, where government trolls lurk online to catch dissent.

Most Germans will focus on their work, their families, and their own entertainment. They’ll watch soccer and drink beer and wish the world away, until their daughters are touched at swimming pools by lecherous migrants who have no respect or until the next bombing or knife attack strikes down a friend. Then they too will begin a tentative conversation, they’ll discover others who feel the same way, and give vent to full throated anger at the way things are. They will give vent to anger that their government is waging war on their freedom and ignoring those who are waging war on Germany.