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I am doing my own personal appeal to raise some badly needed money to help me get through an extraordinary hard time. But I want to offer something of value in return, and I don’t want to use a GoFundMe account because they take a good portion.

Here is my story.

I work for myself. I do so because I have an underlying medical condition that really would make working a regular job almost impossible. I also do it because I can generally make more money as contractor than as a worker.

Since August of 2015 my wife, who is well qualified and has two bacjelor’s degree, has been unable to work. We tried for a long whole to find a way for her to work, but finally, it was determined it is best for her to apply for disability. When we started our new business, the plan was for her to work while I built up the business, because she can earn as much as we need to survive. Instead, I have been forced to carry the weight of a new business and the household, which was not in our plans.

It has worked, until the past few months. Without giving details, I’ll just say our income has been less than a third of our expenses for three months. I have been able to make things work for three reasons- I had a reserve, I had the ability to borrow a small amount of business capital, and I actually makde money on crypto-currency. In essence, I was ready for 1 or two financial storms, but it has been a combination of three bad months and a lot of extra expenses- all told my loss exceeds $30,000.

I have finally got to a place where. unless something gives I will face dire consequences to my business and in my own life.

it seems that October is going to be good, but even if it is good, I need to create an income stream that is not dependent on contracts, which can come and go.

So I am doing this “funding appeal.”

Here is what I am offering-

  1. Full premium access to my content on this website- I promise to produce weekly news intelligence just for you, and the cost is only $15 per YEAR.
  2. Basic Sponsorship gets you the premium access plus a listing as a sponsor for you or the website of your choice on a Sponsor Directory for $45/year
  3. Web Hosting Sponsorship- for $150/year you receive web-hosting on my server
  4. Website and hosting- for $650 I will stand up a 10-page wordpress site based on one of my templates and host it for a year

How can you participate? Use the form below and I will send you an invoice, which you can pay through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account.  If you have questions or if you need such services as SEO, online marketing, social media management or porm otion, WordPress based web design, web hosting, or even content for your own website or blog, hire me.

I also ask you to share this with others and give me a recommendation or a referral.

I thank you for your time and I’ll update this page as and when necessary.


Please say what you are interested in

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