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Felony fights are prearranged conflicts between two or more men and women and are considered to be the most vicious fights you can see on the internet, or purchase on a DVD. These brawls pay the fighters with the money made from people who bet on the outcome. There are no rules in these fights and no referees standing by to intervene if there is too much bloodshed.

Felony Fights is an organized unauthorized fighting club, that hires ex-convicts and a few professional fighters. These fights are not like the legal Mixed Martial Arts fights or the Ultimate Fighting shows that are on TV. These fights caught on tape are more violent and bloody because they are unregulated.

These fights are not only for people to see in person, or on the internet, now the felony fights club makes DVDs for sale in stores. The altercations do very well because people do not like the regulations placed on the U.F.C., that make the competitions less violent.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or U.F.C., came on the scene in 1993 as a non-regulated fight club. There were hardly any rules, the winner would only be determined by surrender, knockout, a doctor intervening or death. The states that would allow these fights to take place only allowed them to shown on cable pay-per-view channels.

The U.F.C. did not do very well because it could only be seen in a few states, to increase their audience they tried putting stricter rules in place. The viewers did not accept the clubs’ new rules they wanted something more violent and they stopped watching. Before going bankrupt the owner sold the club, and now thanks to the new owners the U.F.C. is shown as a reality show on cable TV.

The reason that felony fights are so popular is because the U.F.C. will not allow the brutality that people want to see. The felony show allows weapons, or two people fighting one person, even two women fighting one man. This club even allows biting.

The felony fights club knows that fury sells and they allow the brutality to go on until someone who is fighting is very badly injured. When a fighter asks to stop it does not matter, the fight will go on until the owner says it is over.

Felony fights club feel that this type of fighting is actually a sport, and will be allowed on TV some day. They say that people do not understand this type of fighting and people enjoy this more than fights caught on tape. It seems that felony fights club will be around as long as people will pay to watch the brutality.

Source by Fred Noriender