How Can You Profit From Economic Intelligence?

Economic Intelligence can inject cash Into Your business!

The answer is that by knowing the economic data, how to interpret it, and then how to use that information to make business decisions you will be using economic science for business success. For instance, emerging demographic trends will have an effect on your customer base and how they buy. How do you get this information and how do you interpret it? We show you how in an iterative process through examples of reports looking at macro and mirco economics in locales across the country.

We show you the data, how to find data, and how to use it. Right now, the information you need to gain the edge is sitting out there…waiting for you to get it and use it. Don’t fly blind, hoping for a lucky break, get the information that will show you how to plot a course to success.

Multiple Valuable Insights Every Month

We produce multiple short and highly informative reports on economic science as it relates to business success. Multiple times a week we publish these reports and you take a few minutes to read them, But the payback will likely be immeasurably useful.

Our reports include case studies as well as how-to methods for collecting and interpreting local economic data to help you kake smart and effective business decisions, saving you thousands of dollars.

What a small investment for your success.


The investment amount per month is $29.95, but we want you to be very happy, and so we are introducing this plan with a 7-day free trial. Once you subscribe you will have access to our reports. Once you have access to our reports, you’ll see their value to you.

You don’t have to be an economist, like Dr. John Stapleford, to benefit from economic science as it applies to business success. He lays it all out simply, directly, and in a way that makes sense. His years of training, education, and experience as an accomplished economist are sought out by business leaders who pay tens of thousands of dollars for his research, analysis, and recommendations. At only $29.95 per month, this is truly a bargain as, in any given month, you are sure to receive multiple useful insights to help your business succeed in a changing market.


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