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As I see it now, many fail to see how dangerous the Democrat agenda is while vastly over hyping how dangerous Donald Trump is. His cussedness and his willingness to engage in petty disputes may not be endearing but this has somehow become more urgent than the Democrats selecting 3 to 5 Supreme Court Justice who would pretty much reinterpret the Bill for Rights out of existence, ending religious freedom to please the gay mafia, and ending the right to keep and bear arms.

Suddenly the Democrats who want abortion on demand until birth and at public expense and who want to both legalize 30 million undocumented aliens at your expense while importing hundreds of thousands of potential Jihadists are not so bad because Trump said something off color or once donated to the Clinton Foundation.

A failure to understand the Democrats and how bad their agenda is, coupled with hyping Trump’s flaws to the point where he is a bogeyman, is exactly what the Democrats need and want. One would be justified in suspecting that some of the money going into efforts to promote this narrative comes from George Sonos. However, the big business cartel who want cheap labor to be subsidized by public funding of benefits are also very much behind this: think the US Chamber of Commerce here.

The really rich and powerful who seem to be backing the radical libertine and anti-Christian socialism of the Democrats know that they will have a carve out and not really face the threats against the rich (which we hear thundered from the Democrats these days). The neomarxist and race baiting on the left have now become more palatable to some than Trump’s course rhetoric.

Style has become more urgent in the minds of some than substance. In substance, if one compares the Trump agenda with the Democrat agenda one is hard pressed to say he will legalize 30 million illegals and subsidies them to both get votes for Democrats and allow the US Chamber of Commerce to keep labor costs down. One can hardly see Trump pushing enforced acceptance of certain lifetyles over freedom of conscience. One cannot predict that he will open the floodgates (as Germany has) to hundreds of thousands of more or less Jihadist sympathizers. He certainly won’t continue the war on American energy. He won’t promote abortion on demand at public expense. He won’t select judges who want to rewrite the Constitution. And if he even looked like he was doing those things….he’d be breaking campaign promises and would face being primaried in the next election.

But, while some are quick to ascribe the worse motives to Trump and follow the narrative that somehow he will do all these things though he campaigns against them, they ignore the brutal fact Hillary has promised to do all these things and revels in it.

If Hillary wins, the Democrats will believe they have a mandate the pursue the dismantling of American freedom based on individualism and free markets and to replace it with a neomarxist politically correct social justice warrior state in which a form of radical libertinism becomes the state religion and those who follow Christian orthodoxy become pariahs. The Democrats will make the white man the bogeyman and seek literally to change the demographics by importing millions of socialist and Jihadists whom they think they can control with public benefits.

And who will stand in their way?

It won’t be a third party candidate with little money and no ground game. Jill Stein is a more extreme neomarxist than Hillary is. As for Gary Johnson, he is a radical pro abortionist and he literally believes gay “rights” are superior to religious freedom, which he equates to a dark abyss. The man is an anti-Christian.

The single force standing in front of both the Democrats and the likes of the rent-seeking and subsidized-labor-seeking US Chamber of Commerce is one Donald J. Trump. Nobody else has any kind of shot at halting these agendas.

And now the RNC elites are leaking two narratives to derail Trump: that they are seeking an intervention to tell him how to win (while they have won almost nothing with their milquetoast) and that they are seeking a backup in case Trump drops out of the race. All of that is designed to feed into the DNC Press’s narrative that Trump is mentally unstable and it is not a coincidence that it came out now.

If Hillary wins, the Democrat agenda will be pushed hard and fast. Some have said they prefer that because it will force a fight now rather than in their children’s day. The reality is that if the Democrats get what they want, thanks to a divided opposition, there won’t be a realistic way to fight them now. They will have their mandate and most people will believe those lies, regardless that their win would be by default because of a divided opposition. If the Democrats win it will take a generation or more before they can once against be defeated. There will be no fight in this generation, which is far more concerned about Trump’s style than the Democrats and their actual neomarxist and anti-Christian agenda.