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Business Development Economics Consulting

E-commerce sales have been growing at 14% to 15% per annum for over a decade. Every business must have a web marketing strategy as a component of its out reach to customers.  Effective web marketing requires a roadmap, a plan to move forward, to reach its goals. But no roadmap is useful if it doesn’t describe the terrain, the road conditions, and the overall lay of the land. What are the speed limits, what roads are highways or trails? What are the road conditions in winter or when it rains?

Too often, businesses create web marketing plans without really looking at the lay of the land, the overall economic conditions which determine the real probability of success or failure, and which can give you precise clues about what your potential customers want…or don’t want!  The keywords that drive website engine optimization…the best performing web strategies of competitors…the methods for geographically focused electronic outreach.

Whether you are starting a new business, changing your product focus, expanding, or dealing with a retraction in sales, you need a simple and actionable economic and web assessment that shows you the possibilities, the danger, and the unseen opportunities that lie ahead.

Web Marketing Analysis MUST Include Economic Market Research

Your business web marketing strategy can be easily over-complicated and go astray if you do not have an accurate economic assessment that takes into account historic, existing, and emerging economic conditions and factors. Our integrated approach is ties your business web marketing strategy firmly to economic realities, combining the effective applied economics with market know-how which delivers actionable plans for business success.

Through determining your company’s specific business cycle, producing leading indicators for your sales, and compiling primary market area scans covering demographics, income, household spending, and the intensity of competition, ECON First uses economic science to take out as much guesswork as possible from the equation.

Explore the potential benefits of using ECON First as a web analysis consultant by completing the CONTACT form and receiving a free initial assessment of the effectiveness of your current web marketing efforts.

Are You a Business Owner Or Executive?

For starters, sign up for our Econ First Stapleford Reports, reports we produce as needed, but frequently, to inform and educate you regarding the use of economic data for market research and  web development. Abstracts of the reports are available to free subscribers, and the full reports are currently available for only $29.95 per month, an investment well worth the time iot takes to read the reports! Subscription to the Reports may encourage you to consider gathering market economic data yourself.

Ready to Deploy Economic Science for Business Success?

If you are ready to get the edge on your competitors and unleash the awesome power of economic science, schedule a free web marketing strategy consultation sessions with us now. We will evaluate your business and propose a research protocol or we will development a plan to answer outstanding questions you have.

Business is deeply impacted by a myriad of economic factors, developments, and conditions. Having an ally in your corner who understands investments, economics, and business can be your secret weapon to help your web marketing succeed where others would fail.

Don’t waste another minute of your time, fill out the form below and let us set up a free consultation session.

Unleash the power of economics  and web marketing for your business success!