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Tim Kaine While the media has touted Hillary Clinton’s VP choice as a moderate, the truth is that Tim Kaine, the man she chose, is almost as hard left as Bernie Sanders. And during his speech in Miami, partly in Spanish, he checked off all the boxes for a classic progressive elitist agenda.

The truth is that Tim Kaine is in fact a hardcore progressive to the core who has relied on looking and sounding moderate. However, his speech in Miami was not calculated to seem very moderate. On immigration, he wants to give citizenship to illegal aliens, a move widely believed is nothing more than an attempt by Democrats to rig the vote going forward, what with 30 million captive voters ensuring that they hold a lock on power for a generation or more. On the right of self-defense, Kaine was typically dismissive of the Constitution, touting his dream of an essentially gutted second amendment as the cure-all for violence which is largely confined to Democrat controlled cities. His promises of hand-outs no doubt appealed to people who do not wish to work for what they receive, and are as Utopian as anything the Bolsheviks every promised during their revolution,

Perhaps Hilary Clinton and Tim Kaine are noble idealists who want to make sure everyone gets a fair shake, but their chosen path of liberation that isn’t empowering to anyone other than corporations who benefit from government contracts, bureaucrats who think they can manage the entire country with a stroke of their pen, and, of course, politicians who spend a lifetime getting re-elected by buying votes with public money. Tim Kaine’s speech did not hit the mark it did not show that he was a moderate, in fact it sounded much like a primary campaign stump speech, laden with leftist rhetoric that is typically and dogmatically dismissive of anyone who does not agree that the government is the solution to almost every problem.

If one listens carefully to the Democrats one can increasingly hear the echos of the Bolshevik revolution, complete with a growing sense that Democrats have zero tolerance for their political opponents. For instance, comparing Trump to a dictator is in fact the worse kind of Freudian slip. What Tim Kaine revealed is that the Democrats are the party of socialism, anti-Americanism, and ideological intolerance who wish to deny the Bill of Rights, control the economy from Washington’s precincts, and make 30 million people citizens whose values are not in fact in line with American values, all to create an electoral monopoly, a one-party state every bit as corrupt as Chicago and Washington DC itself.

What is your is your opinion? Are we wrong in our analysis or right on? Is our assessment of the nature of the Democrats unreasonable or does it not go far enough?

We welcome all opinions, including yours… .