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Hassle Free Delaware Real Estate

Delaware Real Estate

Buying real estate in Delaware can be an interesting and exciting experience. Whether it is your first home or not, every home is new to the buyer. But some of the big hassles for buying real estate include understanding the seemingly hidden costs of maintenance and upkeep, the uncertain price for utilities, and the buying process itself. You also need to be aware of quality issues, finding a constructed by an ethical home builder can be a major element of the decision-making process. Of course there’s always price and location.

One option that people choose is to select a home built in an existing community, with one developer. These communities are managed by a Home Owner’s Association, so finding a development with a good HOA that won’t hassle you, and that has reasonable dues, is important. The advantages of such developments are that, if you choose the right development, it can be a hassle free real estate buying experience and it can give you the peace of mind that costs will be reasonable and predictable.

People with busy lives don’t have the time or energy to do maintenance, but through membership in a developed community they can remove all the hassle of such matters. Whether it is clearing snow or raking eaves, mowing the grass, or fixing the furnace, the home owner has no worries- these things are taken care of.

Here is what a customer said about one development that you should be able to say if you choose the hassle free real estate option-

We loved River Rock Run from the moment we discovered it to present. Not only did it have (and still has) a welcoming aura, what sold us was the well system and septic (therefore no outrageous water and sewer bills), and the very affordable HOA dues. Plus the large lots which gives each home great privacy. The icing on the cake is the warmth and genuineness of your staff who greatly helped with HOA concerns.

Notice in this email sent to a developer that major concerns were dealt with- they know what utilities will cost, the HOA cost is reasonable, and the developer has a good enough relationship with the HOA to help the buyer navigate any concerns they have.

One of the places you can go if you are looking for Delaware real estate is Country Life Homes. They are a home builder and they feature three communities- Hearthstone Manor located in Milford, Woods Cove in Rehoboth Beach, and River Rock Run in Milton.

According to their website, “We, at Country Life Homes, are committed to values that are important to all homebuyers…quality, excellence, service and reliability. In addition, we know it also takes knowledge, teamwork, communication and follow through to achieve winning results. When you combine real family values with hard work, add a core of dedicated employees and a select group of well trained and capable trades’ people, the result is award-winning neighborhoods delivering the best possible home-buying experience.”

These homes are built for you, and you have many options to choose from. The prices are competitive as well, and the quality is outstanding, according to testimonials by clients.

There are of course other home builders in Delaware, but this information should help you make a wise decision if you want to buy a home in a development.

  1. Find out if the home builder has a good reputation! You can look them up in Google and type “reviews” beside their name, or look them up with the better business bureau.
  2. Look at the quality, ask them what products they use in the construction, and then check out the quality of those providers.
  3. Consider all things you want- look at models, do walk-throughs, don’t rush and end up with a design you can’t live with.
  4. Consider intangibles- how responsive are staff, how polite and friendly, do they answer difficult questions or gloss them over?
  5. Know your costs- make sure you understand the actual expected cost of utilities, and, like the testimonial above, check the well system and septic system, make sure you are confident they will work and not create hidden costs.
  6. You want to be sure the developer has a good relationship with the HOA- look over the HOA agreement, ask questions, ask them how much support they provide via-a-vis the HOA, don’t go into this blind. Do a Google news search for the development to see if any weird issues have come up in the news with the HOA.
  7. Make sure you understand the fees and exactly what you get- what maintenance is done for you, what are the costs for items not covered, and does the maintenance happen in a timely manner
  8. Look at the builder’s guarantees regarding closings and warrantees, ask questions, make sure you understand what your rights and responsibilities are
  9. Walk through the neighborhood on your own one day, just walk around- are people friendly or unfriendly, what is the vibe, can you see yourself taking a stroll there daily?

Of course there are other issues related to real estate, such as contracts and title searches, but these are fairly normal. Buying a home in a development can be hassle free, especially as less burden is on you as a home owner to maintain things, but they can be a real hassle if you do not take these precautions.

Country Life Homes is a great example of Delaware real estate that is hassle free, they score well in all these areas, and they have a solid reputation. But whomever you choose, hassle free Delaware real estate buying is only hassle free if you understand how best to choose a new home in a development.