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Do you think having bad news sources that are biased and corrupt is not a problem?

Consider this.

How can you make wise decision about how to vote, about finances, career paths, or real estate if the information upon which you base those decision is wrong? How can you become successful if the news media fails to give you all the facts you need to make right decisions? Sure, you can find┬áthe facts, if you dig. But wouldn’t you rather have the right facts, nothing added or left out to clutter them, in the fist place? Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend a few minutes a day reading a news brief, that then allowed you to dig deeper, that actually provided you the right news, truthfully and with integrity, every day?

Not having the right facts can hurt you.

Consider the consequences of going $30,000 in debt to get a degree. The news says our unemployment rate is at 4.5% and brags about how we are near full employment. So, in turn, you think if you get this degree you’ll easily get a good job. But it doesn’t happen. You try for like 2 years after graduating to get a job… but then you give up. You end up doing some part time gig or even just moving back in with your Mom. And the Labor department stop counting you as unemployed. Thus the magically low number. Thus 30,000 reasons to stop believing the press.

Any reader of The Freedomist can become empowered as a citizen and as a decision-maker in general. Why? Because we have a fierce and uncompromising devotion to the truth and to the interests, including the rights and welfare, of our readers. As a Bill of Rights initiative we ask our top staff and management to pledge allegiance to the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights and to live up to our high standards for truth, honesty, and ethics in journalism that we all know is so lacking today.

Back in the early 90’s I was faced with the choice I described above. The media were painting a rosy picture of the economy under Bill Clinton, as they always do for their favorites. I could have chosen to pursue a degree in journalism or marketing. While I know and respect successful journalists and marketers with degrees, I know many dozens more who have such degrees and who struggle.

I researched the real story. because I already had a nose for news. I found that what was reported, that rosy picture, was not true, Especially not for my field. So I chose the path of self-employment.

Today I may not be rich, but I do what I love, I’m not stuck in some lower level job. I do what I love. I work for you.

The consequences of not being empowered with accurate and unfiltered news can be really awful, and the rewards of knowing the facts can be great.

Over the years both myself and my partners have worked in various capacities to empower people with the facts, minus the clutter and the spin. One political candidate we worked with saw the media spin that his party could never win in his district. but we were reporting that the mood had shifted, that an upset was possible, and his supporters, often citing our reports, began to rally and coalesce, And there was a big upset. The power of knowing cannot be under-estimated, can it?

But even mundane news can be empowering. One of the local versions of the Freedomist always tries to dig into the consequences of fires and accidents and raise awareness of the plight of the victims. We learned that over $120,000 in one year had been raised through our readers responding to reports about such needs, reports that went well beyond the normal cold and clinical reporting by most news media.

Our readers were empowered to help and that led to people getting the help they needed which might not have come if we didn’t do our job according to our high standards.

You can be empowered with truth, every day. It is is quick, easy, and painless. The cost is not high. The national news briefs we will be sending daily to our subscribers, news briefs that cut the clutter and remove the spin, will have their effect of arming you with knowing what is really happening.

The introductory cost is low. Only $30 per year for the first 1500 national subscribers. That’s 365 daily news briefs, and special broadcasts for breaking news or investigative journalism, all for $2.50 per month in costs. And, here is something really cool, if you live in an area that has a local Freedomist, you will get your first year local subscription, which normally costs $12.95 per month, for free (limit 500 people in a given locale). That’s smart and smart readers will jump on this quickly.

Imagine all the decisions you have to make. Imagine not having to worry about whether to trust your news source. We’ll tell you how the economy is really going. We’ll tell you about the media spin and bias. We’ll tell you about unreported opportunities for investing in new technology. We’ll tell you about overseas events that could effect you and that have gone unreported.

And for national subscribers we’ll provide all of this with little to no advertising. The more subscriber patronage we have, the more we can focus on news and the less we need to focus on advertising. It’s that simple.

Be empowered, be in the know, subscribe to The American Freedomist, our daily digital national newspaper!

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