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A badminton bag is used in carrying badminton rackets as well as other equipment like nets and shuttlecocks. It is rounded on one end, tapering at the other, roughly taking the shape of a racket. Depending on design and style, it can also carry as many as eight rackets, with separate compartments for shuttlecocks.


Over-the shoulder: Over-the-shoulder badminton bags are lightweight and slim, with a long strap slung behind a shoulder. They can normally carry about one or two rackets and have compartments on the straps or outside of the bag for shuttlecocks.

Duffel: Duffel badminton bags, on the other hand, are large tote-like bags that come with compartments to house several rackets. They can carry a maximum of eight rackets and have zippered sections for accessories such as clothes and shoes at the sides. While a badminton bag generally tapers on one end, duffels are different. Some duffel badminton bags are cylindrical or rectangular, much like any regular sports bag.

Buying tips

When it comes to buying a badminton bag, look for one that can fit all your rackets for convenience, with extra room for new ones. Make sure your rackets all fit comfortably into the compartments, with at least an inch of clearance from the walls of the bag to the tips of your rackets. And since you’re looking for convenience, choose a bag that is easy to carry around. If you’re driving, look for a bag that you can quickly secure to your car’s roof or will easily fit in the trunk. Cushioned handles are also a plus because they make it more comfortable for you to carry your bag.

Source by Ilse Hagen