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Fearless, timely, and accurate news in the RAWE

RAWE news is your Resource, Advocate, and Watchdog providing news that is Educational and Entertaining at the same time. We are the sworn enemy of fake news that is biased toward the left and a friend to all who embrace freedom and justice for everyone, everywhere, and all the time.

News has become the domain of agenda-driven political activists. We aim to return to the roots, and ideals, of good journalism with  fierce devotion to the welfare, liberties, and security of our readers.

Our RAWE News Model

R stands for being a resource for news and information that is useful. A stands for not just ebing an aadvocate for you, but for giving you a platform to be an advocate for yourself. Wstands for being a watchdog for your rights, your welfare, and your security from all hazards. E stands for prodiving news that is both entertaining and educational.

US News

We provide US News that is timely, accurate, and honest. it is NOT fake news. It's only agenda is-to protect your rights, person, and property from all hazards!
US News

World News

World News on time, as it happens, with a strong emphasis on accuracy and uncovering things others miss. We want to be your go-to source for world news.
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Soft News

Soft news is news that isn't of immediate interest, it is news such as sport, entertainment, history, and the such that is interesting but not of any immediate urgency.
Soft News


Our editorial content us usually from a conservative and Christian perspective, we try to provide a unique and unexpected perspective, not just the normal dribble.

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The Downfall Of Hereos In The Age Of Discontent

Heroic figures, icons, who were thought to rise above the petty partisan politics of the hour have shown themselves to have been partisans all along. And while that is just fine for some partisans, for others, it is a chip away at their identity and their fixed view of the world. The idea that someone or some institution could be transcendent provides both a sense of unity and security that allows partisan rivals to find common ground. In the 18th century warfare was more or less believed to...

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War On A Christian People In Nigeria

William R Collier Jr- The President of Nigeria is closet Salafist named Muhammadu Buhari. He was once a President by means of a military coup, and while he promised “this time” to amend his fascist ways, he has proven to be a liar. His latest episode is a response to long-running desire of the Igbo of Biafra for independence with genocidal violence. Having seen videos and confirmed the stories from people on the ground, I can state fully that the genocidal jihadism of President...

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You Can Have Massive Local Influence Within Six Months

You can have massive influence in your connunity within 6 months by beconing a RAWE News Creator where you live. We need an activist press which is owned and operated by real people! These people need to be committed to one another and to the virtues, values, and principles which can make our country prosperous, just, secure, and free. If we want a free society of equals in standing, where merit alone matters, and where you and your family are the most influential factor in your life (aside...

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A Loss Of Moral and Civic Virtue Lead To Violence

It is an old, and forgotten, axiom that immoral people can’t be trusted with freedom. Moral and civic virtue are rooted in solid values and a form of identity that grows not just from the self but from family, faith, community, and even country. Moral and civic virtue are, as the Japanese say, “others-centered”, but not in the collectivist or socialist way of the left. When people live their lives for their own pleasure and happiness to “find themselves”, the...

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FBI Conflicts Of Interest In Political Probes Problematic

Political animus on the part of FBI Investigators may be driving the entire investigation of Russian meddling, this undermining the integrity and reputation of the FBI and the potential for an actual, non-partisan investigation into a pattern of Russian meddling with US domestic politics. According to the FBI ethics and Integrity Program Policy directive and Policy Guide, politcally-connected investigators of both the Clinton email probe and the Russian interference probes violated FBI...

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Get The RAWE News Executive Report

RAWE NEWS Executive Service News comes at the speed of light, and it is overwhelming. First, there is a lot of it. Second, you have to worry about it being spun away from reality to suit an agenda. If you need to stay abreast of the week’s events, if you want to know what it important, and if you want a fair and objective reading of the news with intelligence, than this weekly service if for you. As a RAWE New subscriber you receive a weekly email with your news headline that mater, in a...

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